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Models Day 1 (Kamio, Kaidou, Kikumaru)

Scene: On the way to the publicity photo shoot
Time: Concurrent with the Atobe/Ohtori/Yanagi/Sanada/Marui/Niou thread
Location: A subway car somewhere in central Tokyo
Characters: Kaidou & Kamio, anybody else who wants to be stuck with them
Status: open and ongoing
Warnings: Cursing, of course

It wasn't true that you could set your watch by the trains in Tokyo, but when there were delays, they tended to be brief. This was precisely why Kamio was so pissed off. Okay, sure, he had wasted a lot of time that morning, but it wasn't his fault that his cell phone charger died, and the first shop he went to just happened to have those really cool new handheld video game players. The guy he'd been out with the night before had expressed surprise and amusement that Kamio didn't already have one, although Kamio had somehow pulled off pretending that he'd even heard of the things. It wasn't like he was OLD or something. The box was now sitting on top of a pile of fashion magazines in the tatami room where Kamio slept. And so, Kamio was running about twenty minutes late. A minute or so before, the subway train lurched to a sudden stop, and there was an apologetic announcement about signal problems. But there had been no subsequent announcement, and Kamio wasn't even entirely sure where this Morikawa agency was.

"Oh, come on, for fuck's sake," Kamio said irritably. He'd left his headphones off while he waited for an announcement, and without anything else to focus on, he started to notice his fellow passengers, and pondered what it would be like if they were stuck together for the next 10 days or something, or if they had to crawl out of the subways with flashlights. Wait, he didn't have a flashlight.. "Oh this seriously fucking sucks!"

"Fshhh," Kaidou hissed in agreement with whoever it was that was complaining. He was going to be late, damn it. Gods, this was a morning to end all mornings. He was starting to think maybe the gods were warning him that he should have turned down this job.

First his shoelace had broken while he was midway through his morning run. It was too early for any stores to be open, and apparently his little brother had been raiding his stuff again, because the spare lace he usually carried had been nowhere to be found. He'd had to limp home, cutting his workout short, which was already guaranteed to put him in a foul mood.

Then breakfast had been Western food; eggs and ham and bacon and other horrid, greasy things. His mother had been on a Western kick lately, much to the dismay of the rest of the family, Kaoru in particular.

Then his little brother had begged him for help with his homework, and he hadn't been able to say no. It had taken longer than he'd thought it would, and so he'd had to run for the subway... and now he was stuck. Honestly, what else could go wrong today?

Then he caught sight of the person he was agreeing with - and there was no mistaking that shock of dark red hair. "Kamio!" He hissed again, louder this time, in consternation. Great. Just great. Of ALL the people he could have been stuck with, it had to be Kamio Akira.

Kamio's eyes widened, and then they widened a little bit more. Kaidou?! That sour-faced jerk who stole the jeans deal out from under him? that could have been Kamio's ticket out of the second half of the hair fashion magazines and on to the front cover! And now Kamio had to see that scowling, heavy-lidded face and that chiseled abdomen on every billboard in Tokyo.

Well, at least there was one small flicker of happiness that Kamio could cling to. Surely, Kaidou was NOT on his way to the same photo session for the same charity fashion show.

"What are you staring at?!" Kamio snarled back. "You're taking up valuable oxygen that we might need!"

"Fsshh!" Kaidou hissed again. It was his standard reaction to anything that annoyed him, a habit he'd picked up in childhood and never managed to shake. It intimidated most people into backing down, so he'd never really minded. Unfortunately, he already knew it didn't work on Kamio.

Also unfortunately, it looked like Kamio was the type to hold a grudge. Honestly, it wasn't Kaidou's fault the Levis people had decided on him instead of the redhead! "What the hell is your problem?" he snapped back at the older boy. "If you're that worried about wasting oxygen, you should stop flapping your mouth and wasting all that hot air."

Kamio glared and folded his arms over his narrow chest. The voice within was screaming. Don't tell me what to do. You're not my dad!!! But he bit his lip, and he didn't say it. Instead, he shook his head lightly and let his hair fall over his face again.

"Whatever," Kamio said. "What are you doing here anyway?" Besides making this subway car look bad.

It was hard to say that, though, when Kaidou actually looked really good. He was even wearing some of those damn jeans!

It looked like Kamio wasn't actually going to try to pick a fight. That was good; Kaidou let himself relax a bit, though he remained wary. A verbal fight was no big deal, but he knew he had a temper and he figured Kamio probably did too - wasn't there a saying about redheads and temper? Did it apply to non-natural redheads? - and a physical fight in these conditions would be... bad.

At least it wasn't quite as crowded in here as the subways could get during rush hour. He had a little freedom of movement, and just the tiniest bit of personal space, won by his intimidating appearance. He hated taking transit when the people were packed in like sushi. There were some advantages to having an untraditional job.

"I'm on my way to a..." he started to say 'photo shoot', but then glanced around and thought better of it. There were just enough younger women around to make him nervous; given the hint that he was a model, they might just recognize him despite the bandanna and do that annoying squeal-glomp thing they did. Sometimes he wished he'd never gotten that jeans contract, no matter how well it paid. "A job," he finished instead, shrugging. "You?"

"Boooooooooooooooooooooring...." Kikumaru Eiji wasn't exactly claustrophobic, but being stuck on an unmoving vehicle, enclosed and unable to go anywhere or do anything fun, or even have something fun to LOOK at... it didn't take long for his energy to begin to overflow. He knew he was driving everyone around him crazy - they were starting to give him irritated looks as he moved from window to window, hoping to find something more fun to look at then black subway tunnel.

Finally, giving up on that, he began to move towards the front of the train. Maybe he'd get to see some workers outside the subway! That would be more interesting than darkness and harried commuters!

Kamio opened his mouth to speak and then just as quickly closed it again. It wouldn't do to be so negative at this early hour (well, early afternoon was like morning to him, anyway). Instead, he flipped his hair and affected a cool pose.

"I'm going to a job too," Kamio said. "A modelling job, of course. Why, do you work part-time somewhere else?"

Somehow he couldn't picture Kaidou working at a combini. But if he did, Kamio supposed they could have some sort of bond...

The door to the subway car slid open and then shut again loudly, and several passengers craned their necks to see around people standing in the centre of the train.

"Fsshh! No, I don't work part-time somewhere else. I'm too busy with school as it is," Kaidou hissed and frowned. Why did Kamio have to be so gods-damned loud? Did he like getting glomped? Maybe. Or maybe he just didn't have it as bad, since he wasn't the one on all those stupid billboards. At this point, Kaidou almost wished Kamio had gotten the job instead of him.

A sinking feeling entered his gut. "Oi. You're not going to the publicity shoot for the charity thing, are you?"

The more Kaidou frowned, the more Kamio started to get indignant. Who the heck did that guy think he was, anyway, with his I'm-so-much-more-sculpted-than-you attitude?!?

"Oi. You're not going to the publicity shoot for the charity thing, are you?"

Kamio's attempts to be calm completely disintegrated.

"What? How the hell do you know about that? Why are you all up in my business?!?"

"OH!!!" A voice called suddenly, even more loudly than Kamio, but much more boisterous and incredibly happy. "YOU'RE GOING, TOO?" Somehow, despite the press of people, Kikumaru Eiji was suddenly next to them, his arms going around both of them in a simultaneous double-glomp. "This is going to be so much FUN, nya! Working with two of my favourite people!"

The abrupt and totally unexpected invasion of his personal space shocked Kaidou enough that at first all he could do was hiss in surprise. Worse, the stranger's action had pulled him much closer to Kamio, who didn't look any happier than Kaidou felt.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked the newcomer incredulously. It wasn't a model he recognized - maybe one of the techs or designers? He couldn't keep them all straight, and he'd never really bothered to try. Everyone in the car was staring at them now, and he felt the back of his neck heat with embarrassment. So much for keeping a low profile. "How many people are working on this damn thing, anyway?"
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