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au_rp's Journal

PoT AU Role Playing board
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Community board for ongoing RPs for PoT Alternate Universe.


When starting a log please label it in the subject when it takes place. If the log is open to all members please label it as [OPEN]. If it is limited to certain characters or circumstances please note it as [CLOSED] and add the circumstances or characters in the note.

Other information you might want before you post your tag would be:

Rating (approx.)
Notes (anything you can think of to add)

Once a log is complete please lock the comments. One of the participants should edit a version of the log and post it on the main community. If no one is free to do it within a month's time talk to me, I'll try to get it done.

Please refrain from OOC comments in between tags, this is for the sake of whoever has to edit.