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Scene: the publicity photo shoot
Time: Immediatley after Atobe & Ohtori's lunch at the cafe
Location: Studio attached to Morikawa's Talent Agency
Characters: Atobe & Ohtori, and anyone else who wants to join in
Status: open and ongoing
Warnings: More ego from Atobe, I'm sure.

Ohtori automatically moved to politely hold the door for Atobe and Morikawa to precede him into the studio, but the talent agent beat him to it. "Go on then, hurry up!" Morikawa urged them enthusiastically. "Design and Makeup are probably just itching to get their hot little hands on you. Oh, I can't wait to see this! Two of Tokyo's biggest stars, together at last!"

Blushing slightly, Ohtori shook his head. "Really, Morikawa-san. Atobe-san may be one of the biggest names right now, but it's not that big a deal that I'm working with him for the first time!" Glancing around, he took in the sets that had already been arranged for the models to use; there were a couple, and each of them had easily moveable parts so that the set could be re-arranged at will if the photographers wanted it. There were people everywhere, even more than he was used to seeing at shoots like this.

Seeing his surprise, Morikawa beamed at him. "Several of the other models from the show are here. The organizers thought it would be just as easy to do as many of the publicity shots as we could at one time. It'll help give them consistency in design, too. Some of the designers you'll be working with are here as well. I hope everyone works well together!"

"I'm sure we will," Ohtori replied, feeling a little overwhelmed. He'd been right, this was a much larger project than he was used to working on. He put on his best 'game face', as his mother refered to it, and moved forward into the organized chaos.

Atobe strode into the room like he owned the place, surveying it like he'd entered a throne room - and he was the king. "Of course it's a big deal that you're working with me," he muttered to Ohtori, rolling his eyes, and then recovering to press palms with a makeup artist he'd worked with before. "Opportunities like this don't come around every day." Even if you DO just want to be a doctor.

Punctuality was something that Yanagi valued. In his whole time as a model it could be said that he’d never once been late. And he always made a note of who came in after him. He turned slightly, looking away from his manager that was babbling faintly pointlessly. The man had a talent for fluffing things up, Yanagi usually only paid half attention to him once he got the gist of it. Two very recognizable faces entered. Big names were working on this project he’d known, mentally he added to the list of the celebrity cast that was working on this picture.

He worked occasionally with Atobe Keigo, enough that it made him nod politely at the other man though not enough that he made sure that Atobe saw the gesture. He turned back to his manager who seemed on the brink of losing breath. The gist of it was to hurry him off to get properly styled or at least get some test shots done. As it was the entire crew was running behind late so Yanagi let himself follow the chosen pace, sluggish and frantic at the same time.

The noise of people chattering around him was causing a minor headache… them running to and fro does not help his mood any. Ever since he entered the studio, Sanada has tripped over wires, tool boxes and whatnots. The mess annoyed him but then again, this was one of the biggest events in Tokyo for the year and chaos was to be expected.

Keeping out of the way, Sanada sat in a corner with his co-workers, running through their schedule and job delegation one more time. Efficiency and speed is essential in the fashion industry and no one knows better than the stoic man. Taking the schedule from his helper, Sanada ran through it once more. He recognized many big names of the modeling world, many of them whom he had worked with before on past assignments.

I didn't mean it wasn't a big deal for me, Atobe-san," Ohtori replied as he waved at a few people he knew as well. He thought he saw Sanada Genichirou over in a corner, a photographer whose work he had seen and liked in the past. Other familiar names and faces were drifting by. Ohtori had to admit to being seriously impressed with the lineup of talent being displayed, and not just among the models.

"Wow, this is total chaos," Ohtori laughed as he dodged a tech running by with some cables. "There's so many people! Where do you suppose we go to get prepped?"

Atobe returned Yanagi's nod and offered him a friendly smile as well. "I'm sure someone will come and tell us what we should do," he said airily, moving slowly through the crowd in a general search for the makeup area. "It's not as though they won't notice we're here."

Yanagi left his manager, pretty much in charged of himself. “The make up is in that area,” he pointed to the general direction for the two other models. A thin, polite smile was pressed onto his lips as his norm expression, smile only deepening slightly to acknowledge Atobe further. He turned slightly and gave Ohtori a faint bow of greeting.

“If you think this is bad you only have to wait until the designers get to choose who they dress. Atobe-san I do believe you may get torn to shreds in the process,” he joked lightly. This testing shoot would have them all wearing various outfits from varying designers but when the real show was to be prepared that would be an interesting scene. He was dressed, seemingly perfectly comfortable in his ensemble, in a dark blazer that had been emblazoned in red with chrysanthemum motif by someone or other, he hadn’t been given the details to his displeasure. His torso was half bared in the outfit and his long legs seemingly unending clothed in the dark, straight-legged jeans they’d been paired with.

"Oh good gods, it'll be a feeding frenzy," Ohtori laughed at Yanagi's words. "I can just picture it now. I think I'll just stay out of the way, and let the surviving losers come to me if they want me!"

One of the makeup artists he'd worked with in the past waved a large, feather makeup brush in his general direction. "Ohtori-kun! Come sit in my chair, I'll do you today. We've got to make you boys look good, this is going to be a major event!"

Obediently Ohtori positioned himself as indicated, and let the artist go to work. They truly were artists, he often thought to himself. It was absolutely amazing what they could do with makeup, the way they could alter a person's face.

Atobe chuckled at Yanagi's words, tossing his hair out of his face and moving to sit in the chair next to Ohtori as another makeup artist began clucking around him like a mother hen. "Don't worry, Yanagi-san," he said. "I'm used to it. I've survived before, and I will again."

Marui had come late, because he could. Or that was his excuse when he bounded in late on set, which happened with a decent frequency. But his quick grin and the blow of a large bubble would explain it and everyone wouldn’t care and just glaze over it. Today it was so crowded no one even noticed. The large bubble sprouting from his lips snapped, sticking to his face slightly, framing the grimace at his lips. Sometimes he was late because it made a better entrance but he’d find his fun elsewhere today.

The redhead caught site of a familiar platinum that stuck above a chair quite freakishly tall. Makeup and dressing, first things first. He walked, step light, towards the two other models getting makeup applied, pressing both hands down on the shoulder of the taller man’s. “Ohtori-kun, I had a feeling I’d be working with you here.”

"Marui-san!" Ohtori smiled in genuine delight at the redhead. They'd worked together before; unlike he and Atobe who had very opposite styles but similar looks, he and Marui were different as night and day, and made a good contrast.

"I'm glad to see you here," he said sincerely. He'd enjoyed talking to Atobe, but he wasn't really that familiar with the famous model. Having Marui around generally meant there was no lack of entertainment, even if he could go overboard at times.
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