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[--CLOSED-- Designers]

Location: Office in building in Harajuku, conference room.
Time: Some weeks before the show
Rating: PG (possible language?)
Warnings: Artistic personalities <3
Notes: I'd request all the designers participate in this, I'll occassionally pop in but you can use this log to decide amoung yourselves who gets to dress who in a log. It might also help if you talk to the other designers and models as you log to get a solid idea who gets to dress who so that there's a guide for the log.
Note 2: If the designers decide not to use this opening tag, do start another log or do something to show interact or decide who you dress.

The blinds were twisted open, letting the warm midday sun filter into the tidy office room. The usually neat long table was scattered with various photos, attractive faces and bodies strewn across the cherry wood in casual display. Recognizable faces, popular, famous, ads and artistic shoots. Dark eyes peered at the room sulkily from the glossy surface of a photo. There was still a long way to go until the main event, first things first, the designers needed to choose who they would dress.

“So,” the organizer cleared his throat, addressing the young designers that were in the room. He was obviously proud of what he had gathered in talent. “Are there any specific requests? My only request is that each model and each designer is matched to express each one’s full potential. This will be a glamorous, memorable event, this fund raiser.”

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