tl;dr (ee970) wrote in au_rp,

[ooc] designer discussion~


so this is for Oshitari and Inui players (Inui, you out there?)

Thought that maybe we designers could do something to touch base?? Just to see what we're thinking that being a designer involves, also, maybe some sort of rp-age or at least description as to how the designers come into this, and then if people want to fight over the models since we're to "claim" them to design from, right? And there's six of them and three of us, so... (fight!! :P)

(I was thinking they would probably be having some sort of organizational meeting with the sponsors, then probably get to view some of the promotional photo shoot for a last look before choosing their models? Or...??)

So, if y'all want to kick around some ideas, poke me online or just reply here, and we can get some stuff going. :)

sorry if I'm overstepping my bounds by randomly posting in the comm... --hey, I'm Horio, I'm supposed to barge into stuff willy-nilly! :P
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