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[--CLOSED-- Designers] [31 Mar 2005|03:52pm]

Location: Office in building in Harajuku, conference room.
Time: Some weeks before the show
Rating: PG (possible language?)
Warnings: Artistic personalities <3
Notes: I'd request all the designers participate in this, I'll occassionally pop in but you can use this log to decide amoung yourselves who gets to dress who in a log. It might also help if you talk to the other designers and models as you log to get a solid idea who gets to dress who so that there's a guide for the log.
Note 2: If the designers decide not to use this opening tag, do start another log or do something to show interact or decide who you dress.

Dressing up the dolfies ♥Collapse )
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Editing and compiling... [18 Mar 2005|07:52am]

When I'm editing and compiling RPs, does anyone object to me fixing minor things like spelling errors, tense mistakes or grammar problems? I promise I won't actually change anything that was said.
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[ooc] designer discussion~ [18 Mar 2005|01:03am]


for the designing women. I mean, men.Collapse )

sorry if I'm overstepping my bounds by randomly posting in the comm... --hey, I'm Horio, I'm supposed to barge into stuff willy-nilly! :P
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Models Day 1 (Kamio, Kaidou, Kikumaru) [16 Mar 2005|08:29am]

Scene: On the way to the publicity photo shoot
Time: Concurrent with the Atobe/Ohtori/Yanagi/Sanada/Marui/Niou thread
Location: A subway car somewhere in central Tokyo
Characters: Kaidou & Kamio, anybody else who wants to be stuck with them
Status: open and ongoing
Warnings: Cursing, of course

It wasn't true that you could set your watch by the trains in TokyoCollapse )
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[14 Mar 2005|10:46am]

OOC Discussion: Kamio & Kaidou (and anyone else who wants in)
Timeline: same time or just before the photo shoot scene
Status: Open

Okay, so do we want these two to have any background with each other? If so, what's their relationship like? ^_^ And how do we want them to run into each other?
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[13 Mar 2005|06:30pm]

[ mood | ganbatte! ]

Scene: the publicity photo shoot
Time: Immediatley after Atobe & Ohtori's lunch at the cafe
Location: Studio attached to Morikawa's Talent Agency
Characters: Atobe & Ohtori, and anyone else who wants to join in
Status: open and ongoing
Warnings: More ego from Atobe, I'm sure.

Beauty's Where You Find ItCollapse )

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[12 Mar 2005|04:03pm]

[ mood | eager ]

Scene: Ohtori & Atobe get their newest assignment from their agent
Open to: Scene closed, in the process of moving it to the main community.
Location: Morikawa's Talent Agency, and a little cafe on the corner nearby.
Time: Not sure.
Warnings: Um... Atobe's ego?
Notes: I will compile the comments as we go along, to keep the post from threading. If you notice there are suddenly fewer comments than there were the last time you checked, I probably compiled them and put them in the main post.

Vogue - Atobe & OhtoriCollapse )

[09 Mar 2005|12:40pm]

This journal will be used for the purpose of RPing via LJ.

When starting a log please label it in the subject when it takes place. If the log is open to all members please label it as [OPEN]. If it is limited to certain characters or circumstances please note it as [CLOSED] and add the circumstances or characters in the note.

Other information you might want before you post your tag would be:

Rating (approx.)
Notes (anything you can think of to add)

Once a log is complete please lock the comments. One of the participants should edit a version of the log and post it on the main community. If no one is free to do it within a month's time talk to me, I'll try to get it done.

Please refrain from OOC comments in between tags, this is for the sake of whoever has to edit.
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